Best Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys

972 ViewsAs your little boy’s birthday approaches, you start thinking about what gift to give them. It can be a challenging task to choose the right gift for your two-year-old boy. Kids at this age are very active and want to explore things around them as much as possible. Once kids turn two, they show […]

choose a school

How to choose a school .?

276 ViewsGone are the days when the nearest school was the only one possible for his child. Public establishments compete fiercely with specific programs and varied fields of study. Even in primary! Skeptical about the quality of the elementary school in her neighborhood, Séverine Boitier, from Montreal, visited many schools during the last year of […]

school interview

Trick questions in a business school interview.?

181 ViewsTrick questions in a business school personality interview mainly arise in two cases:want to test your state of mind (did you lack humility. is trying to test the veracity of your statement. Also, only advance in known territory and keep in mind that you can only be trapped on your own initiative! It’s up […]

your students

End-of-year exams 5 tools to help your students.?

193 ViewsSpring is already upon us, bringing with it the good weather… and the end-of-year exams! It is often a time filled with challenges, both for students and teachers. To make your job easier and help your students prepare for it, here are the 5 best tools from Alloprof. Mini Recoveries If there’s one effective […]

Passing Exams

Five Student Routines for Passing Exams.?

155 ViewsPassing your exams, how to do it? I have often asked myself the question. One thing that I have observed is that many students apply one or more daily routines. I share with you five easy-to-implement routines that I have seen in many people. The funniest thing is that they accompany you later in […]

Reading and making notes

Want to pass your exams? Here is the secret.?

233 ViewsRevisions can be tough – sometimes we don’t even know where to start – but you can improve your memory, concentration levels and even your mood.We’ve reviewed a slew of research from neuroscientists, psychologists, and nutritionists—along with advice from college professors, teachers, and students—and pulled out some great tips for revising more. effectively. These […]

successful job interview

10 things to know for a successful job interview.?

254 ViewsTake the time to prepare small sheets where you will have noted all the information you already have, as well as the questions you could ask. Remember to take note in parallel of all the points of the profile sought: training, experience, qualities in order to highlight your skills which correspond, and to provide […]