End-of-year exams 5 tools to help your students.?


Spring is already upon us, bringing with it the good weather… and the end-of-year exams! It is often a time filled with challenges, both for students and teachers. To make your job easier and help your students prepare for it, here are the 5 best tools from Alloprof.

  1. Mini Recoveries

If there’s one effective resource your students will love, it’s MiniRecups . These are online recoveries that last less than 30 minutes. Each of them makes it possible to review the preliminary notions, offers an interactive video which makes it possible to validate the understanding and challenges the student with exercises. The MiniRécups can even be presented in class or offered as homework to allow students to validate their understanding. As there are already 150 MiniRécups accessible on the site, the notion that your students must study is surely there!

  1. The Support Zone

Obviously, you cannot be constantly available to answer students’ questions and these often increase in number on the eve of exams. There is now a tool that can help them seven days a week: the Support Zone .

The Zone d’entraide is a collaborative space where students can ask questions and receive explanations from their peers, verified by the Alloprof team. A reliable and fast resource! In addition, your students can also help their friends, which is not only good for their self-confidence, but also for their own understanding of the concepts before the exams.

  1. Top concepts

There are a lot of things to revise and your students no longer know where to turn or how to structure their study? The top notions for primary and secondary are perfect to help them. For each level and each subject, around ten central and essential notions have been selected based on the recommendations of the Association des Orthopédagogues du Québec and education researchers. Each of these concepts is accompanied by the best resources to facilitate its learning.

  1. Notional videos

If Alloprof’s educational sheets are a reference for finding a written explanation, the videos offer short, clear and dynamic explanations of the school concepts that pose the most difficulties for students. Alloprof’s YouTube channel offers hundreds of videos on a variety of topics ranging from short notional explanations (2 to 3 minutes) to CyberRevisions (1 to 2 hours), webinars covering the entire preparation of certain exams of the ministry.

  1. Games

Who said studying was boring? More and more, educational researchers are interested in the benefits of games and gamification on learning and motivation, and the results are quite positive! Whether for fun (while learning!) in class or at home, games can diversify the routine and energize revision. Here are some examples of Alloprof games  :

End Rabbit 3 : for mathematical operations.Vegetable garden in danger : to recognize the classes of words.Grimoire : for comprehension and reading fluency.Solitary reaction : for balancing chemical equations (secondary 4 and 5).Alloprof Teachers.Did you know that Alloprof is currently developing a whole section of content and tools intended to give teachers a hand ? To stay on the lookout for the best resources to help your students, subscribe to the Teachers newsletter . Up for grabs: $500 in bookstores.!


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