Trick questions in a business school interview.?


Trick questions in a business school personality interview mainly arise in two cases:want to test your state of mind (did you lack humility. is trying to test the veracity of your statement. Also, only advance in known territory and keep in mind that you can only be trapped on your own initiative! It’s up to you to be careful, because you are the subject!

In short, without further ado, you will discover a nice inventory

WTF questions don’t happen for no reason. The juries are in a large majority of cases briefed to be benevolent with the candidates. Their goal is to put you at ease to see who you really are. (Warning, they can be very nice, but still give you a bad note if you’re off the mark!).

These embarrassing and unpleasant questions/remarks always happen because you provoked the situation . They generally have two objectives: (1) to make you notice that you have just said a (big) nonsense (on the bottom or the form). (2) Put yourself to the test to check that you are telling the truth, and test your reaction and your reasoning (it is in particular questions such as the one on Dubai or the A380 that are typical of the cases of interviews in strategy consulting ).

If there is something implicit in the question, verbalize it. For example, for “you are the ideal person”:   “I understand your remark, I have just presented perhaps a little too reductive or smooth image of myself, I lacked nuance in my last answer… allow me correct me” . And you correct yourself.Raising this implicit will show that you are not stupid and that you understand why the jury is challenging you. However, you will probably have to comply and take up the challenge in question with a smile, after your apologies. If you don’t play dumb and put on a human face, while staying within the expectations of an interview, you shouldn’t come across these types of questions too often.

Be careful, the interview is a meeting: even with good preparation, there is still the unexpected

All this is obviously just a simple overview of what you can come across, each exchange is unique and depends exclusively on you and your jury! It’s up to you to put yourself forward in a smart way. Put your best face on by selecting what you tell the jury (you don’t need to tell them everything, and you must select the right information because you won’t have much time). So be as sincere and authentic as possible, and remember above all that the interview is a meeting between you and your jury.

Prepare the oral in business school in advance .?

Too many candidates struggle between writing and speaking. It’s a cruel mistake, a good performance in a motivational interview matures over time: the interviews weigh for 50% of the orals in a good number f schools, and since the distribution with the writings is often 50/50, your interview, it’s often 25% of your competitions… bad preparation is criminal.IThe earlier you get started, the better your interviews will be. You will manage to guide the interview, to show off without showing off, while being comfortable and friendly. You will then be guaranteed to transform your admissibility into admission.

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