Five Student Routines for Passing Exams.?


Passing your exams, how to do it? I have often asked myself the question. One thing that I have observed is that many students apply one or more daily routines.

I share with you five easy-to-implement routines that I have seen in many people. The funniest thing is that they accompany you later in your professional life. Because honestly, we like to study only when it’s pleasant and it’s the same at work.

Pass your exams by getting up early

After enough review successful students get up early to clear their minds. On the day of the exam it is useless to continue revising. It is before that it was necessary to set up the knowledge in our head. It is better to have a free mind. This is why we will start the day calmly.

Start with a gentle stretch, then splash cold water on your face and look in the mirror. Remember to smile, you are the only one who can judge you, self-satisfaction will give you the necessary confidence.

Drink a glass of hot or lukewarm water if this is too much for you. This will help your body avoid stomach problems during your exam. You can finish with three gargles if you have to take an oral.


Put yourself in a quiet place and perform a series of stretches for about fifteen minutes. There is no need to force. Relax your muscles to prepare for a few hours of waiting, preparation and examination. The flexibility contest is for another day.

Finish your stretching exercises with a meditation session of five to twenty minutes. Again, avoid performance, focus on emptying. This will improve your responsiveness if you are surprised by an exam question.

If you still have some time, read a short text out of your exam topics. You may find a line of thought there that will surprise your examiner. We will still avoid plunging into something that will raise questions. The goal is to stay fresh in your head to answer the exam questions.

Personally, after my stretching and meditation session, before an exam, I enjoy reading haiku. These are very short Japanese poems. Otherwise, I immerse myself in a chapter of “The Art of War” by Sun-Tzu to give me more strength.

At the end of this routine you must have arrived at the time you planned to wake up. You now have time to take a shower and have a leisurely breakfast.

Students who pass their exams tend to prefer a diet that avoids sugar. Your plate should be made up of a main part coming from good fats and a secondary part from proteins. For example avocado with olive or hazelnut oil. You can accompany it with eggs that you cook with ghee or if you don’t have butter. But be careful, avoid burning it. It is important to watch your fire carefully.

One or two slices should suffice. The protein and fat intake are sufficiently satiating for you to last a few hours of examination.

Tea or coffee ?

I am a great lover of coffee and tea, which I consume according to the rules. To keep all its qualities, it is advisable to have water at 80° degrees. However, for it to be useful, drink it twenty minutes before entering the examination room. It is after this time that the caffeine takes effect. This avoids any drowsiness effect if you are tired.

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